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Are You A Night Worker? Daytime Eating May Help


Some of us don’t have the luxury of enjoying only one job. For people who have to care for sick or aging loved ones, juggling home life and work can be difficult at times. Because of this, primary caregivers tend to care for their loved ones in the morning and work in the evening (or the other way around). This helps them organize their schedule better without having to sacrifice one important thing over the other.

For primary caregivers, eating meals throughout the day may benefit your health if you work the night shift. In a recent study, it was shown that individuals who worked night shifts for 14 days and had some meals at night experienced an increase in blood sugar levels, possibly putting them at an increased risk for diseases including diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

If you are a primary caregiver who is experiencing this, it is best to time your meals during the day to prevent heart risk. This is especially true if you are older since older adults are more prone to these types of risks.

For extra help with meal preparation for yourself and/or a solved one in need, PhilAm Home Care will be more than glad to assist!

Our home care in Largo, Florida, provides individualized services to focus on your personal needs. This includes non-medical services to focus on the changes that may occur in a slow process. We carefully document and collaborate with our staff to deliver the best possible care.

Our caregiver in Florida is equipped with verbal and non-verbal approaches to develop a strong communication system with each client.

To learn more about our personal care, feel free to get in touch with our team anytime!

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