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Why Long Nails Are Not Appropriate for Seniors


Long nails used for grooming by seniors may result in unknown damage. It might be gruesome to take care of their nails. To prevent unwanted infections and injuries, people must maintain good cleanliness and take care of their nails. Because we are aware of how important personal care and nail care are for an elderly person’s hygiene, that is why we include them in our services.

Seniors shouldn’t have long nails since ingrown nails can grow more readily as the nails grow longer. Painful ingrown hairs are possible. Our elderly don’t deserve to be in pain.

As a provider of hygiene assistance, it is a routine for us to check if the nails of the seniors under our care are clean. It is necessary to keep them clean, short, and healthy.

More diseases are spread by longer nails since the germs may lurk there. We cannot guarantee that we will prevent them from putting their hands in their mouths every time. If this occurs, the germs in their nails will sneak inside, infect, and cause disorders of the hands.

Longer nails will make it easier for injuries to occur. Seniors will inevitably use their fingernails to scratch their skin. They could also experience accidents. The most frequent occurrence is when they hit their toenails with heavy items. This could result in bleeding, cuts, and other wounds that pose a serious health risk.

To avoid the aforementioned situations, we at PhilAm Home Care ensure that the elderly in our care have well-kept nails. Our main objective is to provide our clients with great and high-quality home care in Largo, Florida.

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