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Proven Approaches for Improving Memory as You Age


Memory loss is one of the most common fears about aging. While some seniors experience memory loss, it does not have to be an inevitable part of aging. People who actively seek to reinforce their memories as they age can have mental sharpness and clarity for a lifetime.

  • Continue to Learn New Things
    According to Harvard Health Publications, higher levels of education are linked to improved mental functionality in old age. Learning new things maintains people in the habit of utilizing their minds, which may lead to increased levels of mental challenge and development as they get older. Take up a new activity, a dance, or a language class.
  • Take Care of Yourself Physically
    When it comes to memory protection, good nutrition, and sufficient hydration make all the difference. Simple factors such as dehydration can have a severe effect on memory. That being said, supplement your diet with plenty of clean, fresh water, omega-3-rich meals, and healthy fats. Our caregiver in Florida can assist you with meal preparation.
  • Socialize Regularly
    Social interaction helps to prevent depression and stress, which can both lead to memory loss. Look for ways to connect with loved ones, friends, and others, especially if you live alone. Companionship is part of our personal care services to keep you company and entertained.
  • Sleep Well
    Sleep serves a vital part in consolidating memories so that you can recall them later. Make adequate sleep a priority. The average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep every day.

While Alzheimer’s and dementia do affect some seniors, growing older does not have to mean losing your memory.

If you require help, remember that PhilAm Home Care is available to deliver trusted and proven home care in Largo, Florida.

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